Open A New Practice Or Add Wellness To Your Existing Practice Use Your Brand Or Ours

Affiliate Program

Enhance Patient Care Options And Increase Profitability

Turnkey Wellness Program

  • National Discount Vendor Pricing
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Age Management
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Food Allergy / Sensitivity Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements
  • Diagnostic Labs
  • IV Vitamin Drip Kits
  • Multiscan Integral Health Assessment System
  • Stem Cell Therapies, Protocols & Training
  • Hair Transplantation System

Cash Pay Services Make
The Bottom Line Difference

significant-source healthcare revenue man

Retail cash-pay medicine is the new model
for medical wellness in America.

OptiWell MD® is perfectly poised to help you capture this
Significant source of healthcare revenue.

With growing public awareness of health care options and an increasing emphasis on preventive care, now is the optimal time to include wellness solutions in your practice.
The OptiWell MD Affiliate Program incorporates several complimentary wellness offerings into one dynamic package. With an appealingly low barrier to entry, national vendor discount agreements, and proprietary support systems, OptiWell MD offers the strategic business alliances that will allow you to provide enhanced patient care option and substantial revenue to your practice with these evidence-based medical cash pay services.

Does Your Practice Need A Health Check?

With Our National Vendor Discounts
We Are Able To Lower Your
Cost-of-Goods Up To 80%


health check
Turnkey Wellness Solution

OptiWell MD is raising the bar on the deliverable in the wellness arena.

  • Your Brand or Ours
  • Effective Medical Protocols
  • Patient Portal
  • Diet Guide
  • AMA Approved Diet Plans
  • Hundreds of Recipes & Meals
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Minimal Staffing Needed
  • Training & Support
  • Web Presence
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Online Advertising Programs
  • Patient Acquisition Solutions